About Us

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Miller Law Firm is here to help when you need an experienced, skilled and passionate lawyer to fight your criminal case or to maximize your recovery after suffering a personal injury.

Being charged with a misdemeanor, felony or DUI can lead to serious and permanent life consequences. The Miller Law Firm is willing to take your case, along with the burdens of panic and stress, off of your shoulders.

We’re also skilled in handling cases if you’re currently being investigated for a crime, or if you have an old criminal conviction and would you like to clear your name.

Injuries suffered from a car accident or other personal injury matters can lead to anxiety, pain, suffering and extensive bills and debt. The Miller Law firm is here to help you with your recovery in all aspects – physically, emotionally and financially.

Shane Miller and the Miller Law Firm are here to provide the representation you need and the attention that your case deserves.

Aggressive and effective representation with proven results. Shane Miller will fight for your rights.

Call the Miller Law Firm at (480) 447-8885 for your free consultation.