Practice Areas

Shane Miller has 10 years of experience and has handled hundreds of cases as a criminal defense attorney, prosecutor and personal injury lawyer. From the date of an alleged crime or your injury through the trial, the Miller Law Firm has the skill, expertise and passion to handle your case. Specialty areas include:

Felony Crimes

Misdemeanor Crimes

DUI and Traffic Offenses

Personal Injury Cases

Auto Accidents

Slip and Falls

Dog Bites

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Reckless Driving

Disorderly Conduct

Marijuana Possession

Narcotic Drug Possession

Dangerous Drug Possession

Prescription Drug Possession

Drug Sales

Transportation of Drugs

White Collar Crime





Misconduct Involving Weapons

Prohibited Possessor of Weapon


Sex Crimes


Motion to Set Aside/Expungement

Crimes Under Investigation

Domestic Violence

Juvenile Crimes

Probation Violations